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Aborginal sun dial in Hamilton.

Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the history of the area prior to colonisation and how Country and its people were effected during settlement. You can also travel across UNESCO World Heritage listed sites to learn about the Aboriginal use of stone in the region: from housing to aquaculture.  If you are interested in the Indigenous sporting history of the region, you can include a stop at the Harrow Discovery Centre and Johnny Mullagh Interpretative Centre.

  • Each tour is fully a customisable tagalong tour starting at the Aboriginal sun dial in Hamilton. – also a question whether it is “sun dial” or “Sundial”
  • The minimum tour is 3 hours and maximum 3 nights.
  • Tours start at $480 per vehicle for 3 hours.
  • A full day experience (7 hours) is $1000 per vehicle.
  • Single and Couple price negotiable.

Please call 0421 513 381 to discuss pricing options and tour availability.

Important Information

  • This is a tagalong tour. You will be required to drive your own vehicle.
  • There will be unsealed roads, please notify Bunggaditj Mara if you need to stay on sealed roads.
  • We recommend packing water bottles as it can get warm out on Country.
  • Closed in shoes, sunglasses and a hat are recommended.
  • Please ensure that you have fuelled your vehicle prior to tour departure.
  • No meals are provided. Please ensure that you pack your own meals for your tour duration. There will be places to camp and stop for meals.